Innovative Software Engineering


Our Values


We are professionals in everything we do.

  • We create the environment for the best self-fulfillment of people.
  • We constantly improve our knowledge and skills and willingly share our best practices with colleagues.
  • We establish and follow high standards of work and care of the company values on daily basis.
  • We pay much attention to observing the discipline requirements.
  • We seek to reach outstanding results at optimum use of resources.

Customer Focus

We promote creation of value for our customers in cooperation with them and offer the best ways for satisfaction of their needs.

  • We are open-minded and honest with our customers.
  • We are attentive to customer needs and capable to foresee their requirements.
  • We are flexible and ready to change in order to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Every day we seek for new achievements and for improvement of our processes in favor of our customers.

Team Work

We perform a cohesive team; we share common goals and act in favor of the company.

  • We believe that well-coordinated team work and personal responsibility of every member of the team in achieving the common goals is the keystone to successful and effective work.
  • We are open for cooperation, ready to help and support each other.
  • We always try to adhere to our customers’ position in communication; we respect individual differences of other people.
  • We are attentive to other people’s opinion and open for their feedback.
  • Each of us can be sure that his colleagues will fulfill the assumed obligations for achievement of our common goal.


Every day we show the leadership which does not depend on title or profession.

  • We set ambitious goals before ourselves and we reach them, we support and inspire our colleagues and their subordinates for the goals achievement.
  • We are proactive and initiative and we encourage those who take the lead.
  • We are independent in decision making and problem solving and always take the responsibility for the results we get.
  • We share the values of the company and are guided by them when making decision and in our behavior; we aspire to be a worthwhile example for our colleagues and subordinates.
  • We contribute the implementation of innovations.

Life, Health, Ecology

Human life is our first priority in aspiration to goals achievement.

  • We provide safe working conditions.
  • Each of us bears a personal responsibility for our own and other people's life and health.
  • Our responsibility before future generation is making production of minimum impact on environment.
  • We save natural resources.
  • We are committed to a healthy lifestyle.



- builds long-term cooperation with the Customers on the basis of professionalism, unique branch experience, and also of an optimum choice of business models in every particular instance.

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