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IT-infrastructure of the most big and medium companies consists of a large number of business-applications and software complexes which serve for carrying out different tasks.

As a rule, they are represented by very different information systems: the duplicated products, products of own or custom-made development which are partially integrated among themselves. In most cases the company suffers from the lack of resources for the complex approach to the solution of an integration task. Only current needs are satisfied.

This way brings to the lack of flexibility of information infrastructure. It is very important for business to be adapted to the market conditions and the existing system is not flexible enough. Each subsequent change demands more and more resources and is more and more wasteful.

Integration Goals

  • Reduce the cost of using the application set of the enterprise
  • Speed up the execution of standard tasks and guarantee the terms of their fulfillment
  • Improve the quality of the task execution through formalization of processes and minimization of the human factor as the main source of mistakes.

We offer

  • Actual IT-infrastructure audit
  • Determination of optimum platforms and methods of integration
  • Development of the concept, design and implementation of the integration solution
  • Testing of all operating systems and integration mechanisms
  • Users training
  • Maintenance of the integrated applications

As a Result of Integration Project You Can

  • Reach the flexibility of information system necessary for business
  • Reduce the cost of total ownership and system updating
  • Provide the uniform information space for all employees
  • To improve the work efficiency through single data input in all systems, current information exchange, availability of the data and reporting

Successful integration of corporate systems allows getting additional profits - to provide the automated control main business processes stream at the enterprise, information security during the realization of business processes, etc.



- builds long-term cooperation with the Customers on the basis of professionalism, unique branch experience, and also of an optimum choice of business models in every particular instance.

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