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Nowadays in the software market, there are many programs, which help to make the business more efficient. However, it is very difficult to find the proper program, which can meet the specific requirements of your business, in some cases such programs even does not exist. Elaborating the programs specialized under your business allows you to improve the productivity of your company, opens new horizons of development for you.

We provide services in creation and development of software products of any complexity, which would meet your requirements and desires. The convenient interface and set of necessary functions guarantee the success of your business and cost saving in acquisition of various programs, which you will use only partially.

You have to use the program developed specially for your need.

What We Offer

  • Product concept development and planning of the software market realization
  • Business requirements assessment (MRD & BRD)
  • Creation of business and technical specifications
  • Software development
  • All types of testing
  • Software localization, adaptation and setting for local markets
  • Creation of software documentation and users training
  • Organization of user support centers

Methods of Development

  • Determination of basic methods (CMMI)
  • Adaptation of chosen methodology to customers’ needs
  • Using of advanced tools for project management

Business Challenges We Solve

  • Production cost reduction and decrease of operational risks
  • Work structuring in all departments of the company
  • Standard operations quality improvement
  • High-level information security


  • Production cost reduction
  • Overhead cost reduction and efficiency optimization through using of uniform information base
  • Improvement of work efficiency through complex possession of information
  • Harmonious work of the company divisions
  • Company divisions performance management
  • Protection against unauthorized access to information and audit of users activity
  • Prompt decision making
  • Data updating

How We Work





Requirements survey

  • Shares his business-idea
  • Discuss the requirements
  • Sets priorities
  • Gather the requirements
  • Offer technical solution
  • Elaborate action plan
  • Disclosure Agreement
  • Approval of requirements, terms and budget
  • Warranty terms
  • Contract


  • Makes intermediate versions assessment
  • Updates the requirements
  • Monitors the work process
  • Elaborate the solution
  • Carry out testing
  • Prepare intermediate versions
  • Inform about work process
  • Elaborate the implementation plan and prepare users training
  • Solution ready for implementation
  • Implementation plan and training program


  • Participates in solution development
  • Makes analyzed decision
  • Conducts staff training
  • Develop the solution on the customer’s side
  • Participate in staff training
  • Valid program solution
  • Acceptance report


  • Uses software solution
  • Issues the requests on updating
  • Fulfill the requests on updating
  • Consult
  • Realized solution




- builds long-term cooperation with the Customers on the basis of professionalism, unique branch experience, and also of an optimum choice of business models in every particular instance.

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