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Allocated Development Centers

Today business methods constantly become complicated, and the enterprise needs a competent and skilled team, which completely understand the specifics of the concrete branch operating and able to offer the solutions, which totally meet the requirements of business. Enterprises need the mobility allowing to scale the team of IT specialists easily and to control expenses on software development.

In order to solve this uneasy task GlobalLoop offers the services of development centers for the customers.

General Types of Software Development Centers

  • Center of competences is focused on accumulation of knowledge within any certain sphere - technology, product or industry
  • Software development center - actually represents the external programmer department of the enterprise. Thus the company can take all advantages of outsourcing, keeping all pluses of work with the employees serving only his requirements.
  • Development team - we offer services in software and hardware complexes all over the world, and also on software customization and integration with the actual systems of end users.
  • Help center - our specialists are ready to provide all necessary services in the subsequent completion of software products and systems, and also all aspects of user support.
  • Development center for startups - this form of cooperation was created for the small and medium-sized enterprises which are looking for the developer ready to share risks with the author of idea and capable to provide team of highly skilled programmers who will accelerate the promotion of a new product to the market.

We offer

Foundation of development centers helps GlobalLoop specialists to “join” the business of the customer, to accumulate knowledge necessary for the customer and to provide services/solutions which totally meet his requirements. Herewith our programmers and quality engineers are capable to share the software development best practices with the customers.

We offer creating development centers internally in GlobalLoop, as well as support of our customers in creation of their own development centers within the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model.



- builds long-term cooperation with the Customers on the basis of professionalism, unique branch experience, and also of an optimum choice of business models in every particular instance.

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