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Information Security

We realize that the huge intellectual work lies on the ground of any innovative product or technology development. Wide range of special technical and organizational measures is carried out for providing confidentiality, integrity and, at the same time, availability of information to the customer

In GlobalLoop center, the system of security organization follows the methodology and requirements of the international standard for information security ISO/IEC 27002. This standard contains requirements to the system of information security management, which shows an ability of the organization to protect the information resources.

The scope of measurements directed on the protection of our customers' intellectual property and confidential information are carried out in the company and affects the following aspects:

Information Security Policy in HR Management

One of the main goals of conducting measures for ensuring information security is to regulate the working conditions of employees, and to oblige them not to disclose the confidential information of the customer. Besides, the security policy of the company regulates procedure of involving, moving or discharge of an employee from the project.

Access management in rooms and facilities

The access management is executed through the restriction of entrance to rooms by means of turnstiles and electronic badges in order to avoid unauthorized access to network resources, systems, applications, special functions and confidential information.

Physical & Environmental Security

It is carried out by creation of the protected infrastructure with allocated servers and network (network segregation). Rooms and facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras and systems of electronic access control.

Incident Management

Body of measures directed on prevention of unauthorized access to equipment and confidential information by quick response to violation of information security.

Resource Management

The actions directed on the material protection of software and hardware, which are used in the closed perimeter.



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