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Quality Assurance

In the process of software development we aspire, not only meet all project requirements but also find new opportunities for total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction by means of elaborated product or solution. Quality assurance processes implemented in GlobalLoop play a significant role in it. We use quality assurance procedures at every stage of the project development – from early stages such as requirements assessment, program architecture elaboration or interface modeling through the end of making finish product with software development and implementation.

Obvious Advantages

Like our customers, we are interested in the highest quality of software products we are working at:

  • We actually use appropriate and effective methodologies of testing and quality control at each stage of the project, in each type of testing.
  • Our approach to project management guarantees clearness at all stage of its development, besides, we always provide the full set of documents. It helps to control the progress in the project development in real time.
  • Testing iterations conducted in time, full coverage and proper organization of the quality control processes help to minimize the total cost of ownership by means of product or solution.



- builds long-term cooperation with the Customers on the basis of professionalism, unique branch experience, and also of an optimum choice of business models in every particular instance.

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